Explore the Cosmos with the Gskyer 70mm Astronomical Refracting Telescope



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Transport yourself to distant worlds with the Gskyer 70mm aperture 400mm astronomical refracting telescope. This beginner-friendly telescope opens up the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky, allowing you and your family to discover faraway nebulae, galaxies, clusters, and more.

Optics Designed for Crisp, Clear Views

At the heart of this Gskyer telescope sits a 70mm aperture, 400mm focal length objective lens. The fully coated optics minimize light dispersion, delivering bright, high-contrast views of lunar craters and Saturn’s rings. The multi-coated glass transmits more light than uncoated lenses, preventing fuzzy images.

Magnify Faraway Celestial Objects

Two eyepieces (10mm and 25mm) let you zoom in on celestial wonders. Pop in the 25mm for wide field scanning and the 10mm for close-up views. You can magnify objects even more with the included 3x Barlow lens. Just insert it between the telescope and eyepiece to triple the magnification – take the 10mm eyepiece up to 120x power.

Intuitive Finder Scope and Sturdy AZ Mount

The 5×24 finder scope makes aiming your telescope at night sky objects easy. Look through the finder scope to locate an object, center it on the crosshairs, then it will be centered in your telescope’s field of view. The altitude-azimuth mount moves smoothly on both vertical and horizontal axes, keeping celestial objects centered as the Earth rotates.

Wireless Control and Smartphone Connection

New to stargazing? The astronomy app and wireless remote control take the complication out of using your first telescope. Sync your smartphone to the telescope with the phone adapter. Then use the app to locate objects and track their movement across the night sky. Point your telescope wirelessly using the remote control.

Portable Design for Astronomy Adventures Anywhere

At just 11 pounds, this reflecting telescope easily packs away into the included carry bag. Take it camping, to the park, even your backyard. Set up is simple with the pre-assembled tripod that extends from 17 inches up to 45 inches. At 400mm long, the optical tube fits neatly inside the bag. Have your gear ready for impromptu stargazing whenever inspiration strikes.

An Ideal First Telescope for All Ages

Spark a lifelong passion for astronomy in your kids. Share views of star clusters, planets, and the Moon with the entire family. Track satellites and spacecraft orbiting overhead. Or point it towards wildlife and scenery here on Earth. With 70mm of light-gathering power, this versatile beginner telescope can grow with you as you learn.

Our Promise to You

We stand behind the quality of our telescopes with a two-year warranty and U.S.-based support. Our experts are ready to promptly answer any questions you have during setup or while observing. We want your experiences with our telescopes to delight and inspire. We’re here to make sure your journey into stargazing gets off to the right start.

The Gskyer 70mm telescope opens up both solar system and deep space for new astronomers. Its intuitive design, smartphone connectivity, and portable profile makes observations easy and fun. Discover the beauty of the cosmos from your own backyard when you explore the night sky with this premier beginner’s telescope.


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