Energizer AAA Batteries – Reliable Triple A Alkaline Power for Small Electronics



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Keep your smallest battery-powered devices ready for action with this 32-pack of Energizer AAA alkaline batteries. As the #1 trusted battery brand for over 100 years, Energizer loads premium technology into these 1.5V lithium batteries to deliver reliable power in any situation.

The compact AAA battery size gives you lightweight, versatile power for items like remotes, gaming accessories, digital thermometers, children’s toys, novelty lights, and handheld electronics. Stash this pack of 32 triple A batteries around the house and in emergency kits to power your essentials when you need it.

Advanced Alkaline Formula for Long-Lasting Power

Inside these iconic Energizer AAA battery wrappers, you’ll find a state-of-the-art alkaline formula that maintains a 1.5-volt charge for over 10 years in storage. The proprietary Power Seal technology locks in battery power and prevents damaging leaks during storage and use.

Expect up to two years of leak protection from these premium alkaline batteries after they’ve been fully drained or used up. The durable steel casing resists damage during shipping, storage, and normal battery use.

Reliable Power Source for Everyday and Emergency Use

This 32-pack of AAA batteries provides portable power for handheld electronics, household gadgets, toys, novelty items, and emergency devices. Keep some stashed in your junk drawer to power TV remotes, digital kitchen scales, laser pointers, and children’s toys that take triple A batteries.

These versatile batteries also work well for travel alarms, headphone amplifiers, and handheld gaming devices. Pack some AAA batteries in your hurricane preparedness kit to power weather radios, emergency lights, and survival tools when the power goes out.

Longer-Lasting Than Generic Battery Brands

When you choose Energizer over generic batteries, you get up to 8x longer battery life for reliable performance when you need it most. Whether you’re camping off the grid or dealing with a power outage, Energizer batteries have the stamina to outlast unexpected situations.

Advanced engineering and rigorous testing ensure these AAA batteries live up to the legendary Energizer name. Depend on Energizer alkaline power for controllers, keyboards, travel alarms, flashlights, smoke detectors, and other battery-powered necessities.

Contains Recycled Materials

Energizer believes in responsible battery production and environmental stewardship. These AAA batteries include up to 10% recycled steel in the durable battery casings. Through battery recycling programs and manufacturing improvements, Energizer continually reduces its footprint.

Trusted Battery Expertise

With over 100 years of innovation in battery technology, Energizer is the worldwide leader in batteries. One in two households worldwide relies on Energizer as their trusted battery brand. These AAA batteries deliver the reliable power and long-lasting performance that the Energizer name represents.

Whether you need to power a fitness tracker through daily workouts or keep the TV remote working during a power outage, Energizer AAA batteries provide dependable energy when you need it. For premium performance you can count on, power up with Energizer.

What’s Included

– 32 Energizer MAX AAA Alkaline Batteries

Key Features

– Pack of 32 premium alkaline AAA batteries
– Holds power for up to 10 years in storage
– Prevents leaks during storage and use
– Provides long-lasting energy for small electronics
– Made with recycled materials
– From the #1 trusted battery brand

Technical Details

– Battery Type: Alkaline
– Battery Size: AAA
– Battery Quantity: 32
– Voltage: 1.5 volts
– Chemistry: Alkaline Manganese Dioxide
– Rechargeable: No
– Recycled Content: Up to 10% recycled steel in casing

Safety and Warranty

Energizer alkaline batteries are rigorously tested for safe, reliable operation in devices. Avoid mixing old and new batteries or different battery chemistries. Replace all batteries at the same time. Store batteries out of reach of children. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Energizer offers a complete satisfaction guarantee with full refund or replacement available.

Power up your smallest electronics with the premium performance of Energizer. This 32-pack of MAX AAA batteries delivers reliable, leak-resistant power whenever you need it.


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