Dreamegg D11 Max Portable White Noise Machine – 21 Soothing Sounds for Baby Sleep & Adult Relaxation



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Sleep is precious, but not always easy to come by, especially with a new baby in the house. Get the gift of peaceful slumber with the Dreamegg D11 Max Portable White Noise Machine. This compact yet powerful sound machine lulls even the fussiest baby to sleep and promotes deeper, more restful sleep for adults too.

Designed for all things sleep, the D11 Max packs an array of features into its neutral, aesthetically-pleasing design:

Key Features:

– 21 Soothing Sounds – From white noise to lullabies to nature, find the perfect ambient sound for restful sleep
– Powerful Rechargeable Battery – Lasts all night and into the next day on a single charge
– Compact and Ultra Portable – Take peaceful sleep anywhere – perfect for travel
– Volume Control and Timer Settings – Customize sounds to your needs
– Baby Lock Function – Lock settings to prevent accidental shutoff

Forget counting sheep – the D11 Max’s 21 high quality, digitally recorded sounds promote faster sleep onset and longer, undisturbed sleep. Choose calming white noise, soothing nature sounds like ocean waves, or gentle lullabies. Use the timer to automatically shut off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Thanks to the powerful 1800 mAh rechargeable battery, the D11 Max delivers worry-free performance all night long and into the next day. The built-in battery means no more scrambling for spare batteries at 3am when the power runs out!

The neutral design blends seamlessly into any nursery or bedroom décor. Compact and lightweight, this sound machine is made for portability. Hang it on a stroller handle or pack it in a suitcase – peaceful sleep can happen anywhere with the D11 Max.

Rest easy with the Dreamegg D11 Max Portable White Noise Machine. It’s the perfect baby shower or new mom gift to help lull baby to dreamland and restore sanity in the household. Adults love it too for powering down an overactive mind and getting long, deep sleep.

Experience the magic of a full night’s sleep with this must-have sleep aid. We stand behind the quality with a 365 day warranty and friendly customer service. Sweet dreams start here!


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