Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 2 Narrow Baby Bottle Silicone Nipple – The Next Step for Growing Babies



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As babies grow from newborns to infants, their feeding needs change too. That’s why Dr. Brown’s designed their innovative Natural Flow bottle system with multiple nipple flow levels to keep up with your developing little one. When your baby is ready to graduate from a newborn nipple, Dr. Brown’s Level 2 Medium Flow Nipple is the perfect next step.

Designed by Medical Experts for Healthier Bottle Feeding

Dr. Brown’s bottle system was developed by a pediatric feeding specialist to reduce feeding issues like colic, spit up, burping and gas. The patented internal vent system creates positive pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding that is just like breastfeeding. This clinically proven anti-colic system also keeps air from mixing with milk or formula to preserve nutrients and aid digestion. The result is a more comfortable feeding experience that helps your baby eat, sleep and play their best!

The Breastfeeding-Like Nipple Your Growing Baby Will Love

The Dr. Brown’s Level 2 Nipple features a wide, breast-shaped nipple and textured exterior that encourages proper latching and a natural feeding motion. The nipple is made from soft, pliable 100% silicone that feels familiar to breastfed babies. The medium flow rate provides a consistent stream of milk at a pace suited for 3 months and up as your baby’s skills progress.

Reliable Flow Rate for Comfortable Vacuum-Free Feeding

Each Dr. Brown’s nipple flow level, from newborn to toddler, has a special internal design that delivers a consistent liquid flow rate. This reliable flow provides a steady stream of milk or formula so your baby can feed at their own pace. The internal vent system eliminates vacuum pressure on the nipple, allowing vacuum-free feeding that is just like breastfeeding.

Helps Preserve Nutrients & Reduce Gas

The innovative internal vent system is clinically proven to reduce feeding issues associated with colic and gassiness. Air is channeled from the milk or formula to the back of the bottle through the vent system before your baby drinks it. This helps preserve essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E by preventing oxidation. With less air to swallow, your baby will experience fewer feeding-related digestive issues like spit up, burping and gas.

Designed to Grow With Your Baby

The Level 2 Medium Flow Nipple is part of Dr. Brown’s 3-stage feeding system designed to keep up with your growing baby’s needs:

  • Level 1 Newborn Flow – Extra-slow flow for newborns 0+ months
  • Level 2 Medium Flow – Moderate flow for 3+ months as skills progress
  • Level 3 Fast Flow – Fast flow for 6+ months as baby becomes a pro

Dr. Brown’s also makes Wide Neck bottles and various nipple flow rates to give you options at each stage. Mix and match nipples and bottles to find the right combination for your infant.

Fits All Dr. Brown’s Narrow Neck Baby Bottles

The Dr. Brown’s Level 2 Medium Flow Nipple fits all Dr. Brown’s Original baby bottles with the narrower neck. Use it with 4oz, 5oz, 8oz and 9oz narrow bottles. The nipple shape and flow rate are designed specifically for these narrow neck bottles. For Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck bottles, use the Level 2 Wide Neck nipple.

BPA-Free & Dishwasher Safe for Safety and Convenience

The 100% silicone nipple is free of BPA, PVC and phthalates for your peace of mind. It is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning convenience. You can also sterilize it using your preferred method – boiling water, electric or microwave sterilizer.

Give Your Growing Baby the Best with Dr. Brown’s

As your infant grows from a newborn into a active baby ready to explore the world, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles system is there to make the transition smooth and comfortable. Level 2 nipples are the next step designed especially for babies 3 months and up. The innovative vent system reduces colic and gas while the breast-like nipple shape encourages healthy feeding. Give your growing baby the best with Dr. Brown’s!


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