Digital Caliper Tool for Precision Measuring – Accurate to 0.001 Inches



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Take the guesswork out of measurements with the Maxsell Digital Caliper Tool. This high-quality stainless steel digital caliper provides precise measurements down to 0.001 inches, making it the perfect measuring instrument for home DIY, workshop, and professional use.

The extra large LCD screen clearly displays measurements in decimal inches, fractional inches, or millimeters at the press of a button. The screen is designed to be visible even in low light conditions. readings are digitally displayed, eliminating errors that can occur when trying to read caliper vernier scales.

Built to last from stainless steel with a sleek silver finish, this digital caliper tool glides smoothly for comfortable use. Stainless steel construction gives it durability and strength over plastic calipers. The tool is also waterproof and dirt resistant, allowing you to take measurements even in messy work conditions.

Designed for versatility, this digital caliper tool can be used to measure outside dimensions, inside dimensions, depths, and steps. quickly switch between the external jaws, internal jaws, and depth probe to tackle any measurement task. Dual thumb wheels make fine incremental adjustments easy during the measuring process.

Key Features:

– Measure Range: 0-6 inches/0-150 mm
– Resolution: 0.0005 inches/0.01 mm
– Accuracy: ±0.001 inches/ ±0.02 mm
– Large LCD screen with auto on/off after 5 minutes idle
– Stainless steel construction with sleek silver finish
– Waterproof and dirt resistant
– Smooth slide action for easy use
– Locking screw holds setting for stepped measurements
– Easy inch/mm/fractional inch conversion
– Measures outside, inside, depth, and step dimensions
– Includes installed battery and 2 spares

Take Precision Measurements:
The digital display on this caliper tool provides more precise measurements than reading a mechanical dial caliper. No more estimating between hash marks or misreading fractions of an inch. The large LCD screen clearly displays decimal inches, fractional inches, or millimeters at the touch of a button. Readings are precise to 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm.

Built to Last:
The full stainless steel body provides durability and strength, ensuring years of reliable use. Stainless steel construction also makes this digital caliper waterproof and dirt resistant. Smooth sliding action between the internal and external jaws allows fast, accurate measurements while maintaining caliper body alignment.

Versatile Measuring Modes:
Easily switch between the external jaws, internal jaws, and depth probe to tackle nearly any measuring task. The external jaws are perfect for measuring the length or diameter of an object. Internal jaws enable you to measure inside dimensions like holes or recesses. The depth probe is ideal for measuring the depth of a hole, slot, or any other sunk feature.

Easy to Read Display:
The extra large LCD screen is designed to be visible even in low light workshop conditions. The digital display eliminates errors that can occur with vernier scale calipers. Three measuring modes (inch, metric, fractional inch) are selectable at the touch of a button. An auto on/off feature helps conserve battery life.

Precision Machined Construction:
The body and jaws are constructed from high strength stainless steel for durability. Internal components are finely machined for smooth sliding action during use. Dual fine adjustment knobs provide precise control while taking measurements. The locking screw can be tightened to hold a measurement setting.

Take your DIY projects, woodworking, and metal work to the next level with precise, reliable measurements from the Maxsell Digital Caliper. This professional grade measuring instrument provides an accuracy of 0.001 inches for confidence during critical measuring tasks.


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