Cricut StandardGrip Cutting Mats for Cricut – 12×12 inch 2 Pack



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Get the most out of your Cricut machine with this 2 pack of Cricut 12 by 12 inch StandardGrip cutting mats. Specifically designed for use with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines, these reusable mats provide a reliable cutting surface for all your crafting projects.

Optimal Grip for Precision Cutting

The light tack adhesive on the Cricut StandardGrip mats give just the right amount of grip to hold paper and cardstock firmly in place, without being too sticky to easily remove your finished cuts. The grip allows thin materials like paper and vinyl to be precisely cut according to your design uploaded to the Cricut machine, without shifting or slipping during the cutting process.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Materials

The StandardGrip mats can be used with a variety of thin to medium weight materials. For best results, use them when cutting cardstock, patterned paper, embossed cardstock, iron-on vinyl, and Cricut vinyl. The tacky surface holds these materials in place perfectly to allow clean, accurate cuts. Avoid using the StandardGrip mats with very thin paper, which requires the stronger grip of the Cricut LightGrip mats.

Reusable Crafting Surface

One set of these Cricut cutting mats can be used over and over again for countless projects. Simply pick off any excess material pieces after cutting, wipe clean with a lint-free cloth, and the mats are ready for your next creation. Keeping the protective film on when storing the mats prevents dust and debris buildup, maximizing the usable lifespan.

Sized for Your Cricut Machine

The 12 by 12 inch size is tailored specifically for the maximum cutting area of Cricut Explore and Maker machines. This allows you to cut larger designs, or cut multiple smaller pieces in one session. The mats are clearly marked with horizontal and vertical lines so you can easily align your materials before cutting.

Cuts Smoothly and Accurately

The Cricut mats are calibrated and tested to work seamlessly with Cricut cutting machines. Just upload your design, select your material setting, and let Cricut take care of the rest! The machines communicate with the mats to deliver precise cuts and intricate details without tearing or perforating the materials.

Included Tools for Easy Material Removal

Removing paper and cardstock from the mats is made simple with the included plastic scraper and spatula tools. The scraper allows you to gently lift one edge of the material and sweep away excess small pieces. For larger cuts and designs, the thin spatula slides under the material for clean removal, protecting both your cut pieces and the mat surface.

Get the Most Out of Your Cricut

Having a set of the Cricut StandardGrip cutting mats for your Cricut Explore or Maker machine allows you to take on countless DIY paper and cardstock projects with ease. Make custom home décor, personalized gifts, iron-on t-shirts, stencils, paper flowers, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless!

Cut Any Design with Precision

Upload your own designs, or pick from the thousands of free or paid images available on Design Space. No matter the complexity of the design, these mats hold materials securely so your Cricut machine can cut every shape and detail flawlessly. Cut paper greeting cards, iron-on vinyl names and quotes, paper lunar cycles, delicate snowflakes – whatever you dream up!

Key Features:

  • Set of 2 reusable cutting mats for Cricut machines
  • StandardGrip adhesive ideal for paper, cardstock, and iron-on
  • Precisely cut materials won’t shift or slip mid-cut
  • Smooth surface allows detailed cuts without tearing
  • 12 x 12 inch size fits Cricut cutting area
  • Scrape away excess material easily after cutting
  • Spatula tool safely lifts finished cuts off mat

Box Contains:

  • 2 x Reusable 12″ x 12″ Cricut StandardGrip Cutting Mats
  • 1 x Plastic Scraper
  • 1 x Plastic Spatula

With two reusable 12 by 12 inch cutting mats designed specifically for your Cricut machine, you’ll be ready to take on any paper or cardstock DIY project! The Cricut StandardGrip mats provide just the right grip and allow for detailed, precision cutting.


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