Crayola Air Dry Clay 5lb Bucket – Natural White Modeling Clay for Kids Art Projects



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Make Memories with Crayola Air Dry Clay

Crayola Air Dry Clay opens up a world of creativity for budding young artists. This 5 pound bucket contains pure, natural white modeling clay that’s perfect for crafting and sculpting. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they shape unique clay figures, jewelry, animals, seasonal decorations, and more.

With no baking or firing required, projects dry naturally overnight and are ready for painting. Add color and detail with Crayola paints or markers to bring sculptures to life. The resealable bucket keeps unused clay soft and usable for future creative sessions.

Ideal for Classrooms & Learning

Teachers love Crayola Air Dry Clay as a versatile classroom art material. Sculpting boosts fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. As young students mold figures and shapes, they gain dexterity and learn about form. Clay crafts also encourage creativity, self-expression and problem solving.

This 5 pound bucket provides plenty of clay for whole classroom use. Students can shape their own figures or work collaboratively on larger sculptural projects. Natural white clay serves as the perfect canvas before painting delicate details and designs. Crayola clay is non-toxic, safe and easy for little hands to manipulate.

Crafts at Home for Family Bonding

Rainy weekends and school breaks are perfect for staying in and crafting together. Set up a DIY clay station and let your child’s inner artist shine. Sit side-by-side sculpting clay critters, holiday decorations, jewelry pendants, superhero figures, and other creations.

Add paints, glitter, googly eyes and other embellishments to give projects personality. DISPLAYNAME your child proudly explain the story behind each unique piece. Let clay crafting become a treasured family bonding tradition that builds confidence and creativity.

Endless Possibilities for Creative Play

Crayola Air Dry Clay inspires open-ended play and discovery. Kids gain tactile learning experiences as they smoosh, roll, pinch, and shape the soft clay. Different techniques yield different textures and forms. Seeing what they can make fosters imagination and problem solving skills.

Keep a batch of clay accessible for freeform sculpting sessions. Make dinosaurs, mythical creatures, race cars, food items and more. As skills improve, challenge your young artist to add more detail and dimension. Older kids will enjoy crafting clay bowls, vases, game pieces, jewelry and decorative objects. This clay keeps for months, ready for creativity whenever inspiration strikes!

Premium Quality You Can Trust

For over 100 years, teachers and parents have trusted Crayola art materials to fuel children’s creativity. This Air Dry Clay is made in the USA to our strict safety standards. The premium grade clay has a smooth, malleable texture that’s fun to shape. It air dries naturally overnight to a permanent, durable finish.

Our clay molds easily without sticking or crumbling. The resealable bucket keeps unused clay moist and workable. When creativity calls, your child will have the perfect modeling material ready for any project. Discover the sculpting fun and learning with Crayola Air Dry Clay today!


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