Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, 14-Pairs, Holds 16lbs



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Display your favorite art and photos with ease using the Command Large Picture Hanging Strips. With 14 pairs of damage-free hangers in each pack, you can decorate your walls with frames up to 24″ x 36″ securely holding up to 16 lbs. Avoid putting holes in your walls by using these innovative adhesive strips that hold strongly yet remove cleanly.

Hassle-Free Hanging

Tired of nails leaving behind unsightly holes and marks on your walls whenever you take down a picture? The Command Large Picture Hanging Strips are the solution you’ve been waiting for. Simply apply one set of the adhesive strips to the back of your frame and the other set to your wall. Press the frame and wall hangers together and enjoy decorating without the damage.

Holds Up to 16 lbs

While each set of strips can hold up to 4 lbs, four sets together securely hold up large frames weighing up to 16 lbs. Frames up to 24″ x 36″ can be mounted worry-free, staying exactly where you want them. No more wondering if that heavy mirror or large canvas print will come crashing down.

Various Surface Applications

The Command Picture Hanging Strips can be used on a variety of smooth surfaces including:

  • Painted drywall
  • Finished wood
  • Metal
  • Painted concrete
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Glass

They work great around the house on walls, doors, cabinets, lockers and more. Use them in your dorm, office, rental home, or apartment to decorate without damage. The strips stick securely but remove cleanly whenever you are ready to take down or reposition your wall hangings.

Easy to Open Package

Say goodbye to struggling with hard to open packaging. The Command Large Picture Hanging Strips come in an innovative easy open box. Simply flip up the lid, peel open the tray’s adhesive strip, then slide out a pair of strips anytime you need them. The dispenser box keeps the remaining strips tidy and ready for use when it’s time to hang your next frame or decorative item.

How to Use

Using the Command Picture Hanging Strips is quick and easy:

  1. Wipe down your wall with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and oils.
  2. Select the ideal location for your frame.
  3. Separate one set of adhesive strips by pulling the red liner tab.
  4. Apply one strip set to the back of your frame.
  5. Apply the other strip set to your wall.
  6. Press the frame and wall strips together firmly for 30 seconds.

Check that your frame is secure on the wall. Wait 1 hour before hanging valuable or heavy items. The strips reach full adhesion strength in 24 hours.

Removal Tips

Taking down your picture hung with Command strips is a breeze:

  • Stretch each strip slowly against itself.
  • Never pull the strips off the surface perpendicularly.
  • Pulling parallel to the surface releases the adhesive cleanly.

If any adhesive residue is left behind, it can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol.


How many pairs of strips are in a box? Each box of Command Large Picture Hanging Strips contains 14 pairs, 28 strips total.

How much weight can 1 pair hold? Each pair of strips can hold up to 4 lbs.

What’s the largest frame I can hang? With 4 pairs, frames up to 24″ x 36″ can be securely mounted.

Can I use these on textured walls? For best results, only use on smooth, flat surfaces.

Are the strips reusable? The strips are designed for one time use for best bonding performance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Command strips have been trusted for over 60 years for damage-free decorating. Their adhesives are designed to securely bond to surfaces yet remove cleanly without surface damage or stains. However, if you are not completely satisfied, 3M will refund your purchase price.

Give your walls a gallery style look without the holes by using Command Large Picture Hanging Strips. Their superior adhesive technology makes decorating easier than ever. Order a pack today so you can hang frames, art, mirrors, and more in a matter of minutes!


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