CHRYZTAL Premium Stainless Steel 7-piece Gardening Tool Set with Tote Bag – Must-Have Garden Tools for Planting, Weeding, and Digging



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Tend to your garden in style with the CHRYZTAL Premium 7-piece Gardening Tool Set. This complete set of essential gardening hand tools is crafted from durable stainless steel and comes with a handy Oxford cloth tote bag for storage and portability.

The set includes:

  • Large trowel – Features a contoured shaft and wide blade perfect for scooping, digging holes for planting, and moving soil.
  • Small trowel – Precision trowel for weeding and transplanting seedlings.
  • Cultivator – 3 pronged claw design ideal for breaking up compacted soil and aerating.
  • Hand rake – Fan-shaped head with short tines to gather leaves, debris, and shallow weeding.
  • Weeder – Long v-shaped head to pry and remove weeds by the root.
  • Pruning shears – Sharp bypass blade design slices through branches up to 1/2″ thick.
  • Oxford cloth tote bag – Durable 600D Oxford fabric bag with pockets and elastic cords to neatly organize and carry tools.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The CHRYZTAL gardening tools are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel for superior strength and longevity. The stainless steel resists rust, maintains a sharp edge, and will not bend or warp with use like cheaper metal tools. Each tool features a full tang through the ergonomic handle for extra sturdiness when digging and leveraging in tough soil.

The non-stick stainless steel trowel, cultivator, rake, and weeder slide smoothly into the earth without getting bogged down like coated steel tools. The pruning shears have laser tested SK5 steel blades and a spring loaded design for clean, precision cuts up to 5000 times before needing sharpened.

Ergonomic Handles Provide Comfort and Control

The handles on each garden hand tool are designed for comfort, control, and reduced hand fatigue. They are constructed from a durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that molds nicely to your hand. The rubber is also non-slip, even when wet, for a secure grip.

The handles have an ergonomic shape with grooves for your fingers and a thumb rest. This enables you to grip the tools without straining your hands, wrists, or forearms even after long periods of gardening. The handles are also lightweight but durable.

Convenient Size Options

The CHRYZTAL Gardening Tool Set is available with either short handles or long handles so you can choose the length that works best for your height and needs.

The short handles are approximately 8 inches in length – ideal for working in small spaces like container gardens or for gardeners who prefer a compact, easy to maneuver tool.

The long handles measure 11 inches and provide extra reach and leverage for working beds, large pots, and raised gardens without excessive bending and strain.

Tool Heads Precision Designed for Gardening Tasks

Each of the stainless steel tool heads in this gardening tool set is specifically designed to make gardening easier.

The trowel blades scoop and dig with ease. They come in two sizes – large and small. The large trowel has a wide triangular blade and depth markers perfect for digging holes for planting or moving soil. The small trowel has a narrower blade ideal for precision tasks like weeding, edging beds, and working around delicate roots and seeds.

The cultivator has three thick claws to break up densely packed soil and accurately loosen soil around plants. The hand rake fan shape with short tines is great for gathering up debris and shallow weeding. Use the v-shaped weeder to pry up stubborn weeds by the roots.

The pruning shears have a sharp bypass blade design and spring action for clean cuts on flowers, vegetables, small branches, and everything else that needs a trim.

Tote Bag Keeps Tools Organized

The heavy-duty Oxford cloth tote bag keeps all the tools organized in one convenient place so you don’t have to search for them around the shed or garage. The bag has individual pockets secured with elastic cords to hold each tool. There are also outer pockets and interior dividers for storing gloves, kneepads, twine, tags, and other small garden accessories.

Two sturdy carry handles make it easy to transport your tools outside. The bag is made from durable, soil-resistant 600D Oxford Polyester that can be spot cleaned. Rolling it closed keeps your vehicle clean after a gardening session. Open the bag nearby while gardening so all your tools are handy.

Gardening Tool Set Makes a Great Gift

Gift the CHRYZTAL Premium Gardening Tool Set to your favorite home gardener for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, housewarmings, retirement, or any special occasion. The beautifully packaged set is sure to bring joy to both seasoned gardeners and newbie green thumbs.

The essential high-quality tools and handy tote provide everything needed for most basic gardening tasks – digging, planting, weeding, and pruning. The durable stainless steel construction ensures these are tools built to last for years of gardening enjoyment.

We Stand Behind Our Garden Tools 100%

CHRYZTAL provides a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with this gardening tool set for any reason – that’s how confident we are that you will love these premium tools! We also offer excellent customer service and are happy to help if you have any product questions.

Bring elegance and efficiency to your gardening. Order the complete CHRYZTAL Premium Gardening Tool Set today and enjoy the beautiful convenience of having go-to tools ready for every garden task.


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