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Control litter box odors for up to 10 days with Cat’s Pride Max Power unscented multi-cat litter. This heavy-duty litter combines two types of clumping clay to deliver unmatched ammonia blocking strength. The super absorbent formula traps moisture and locks away odors inside each hard clump.

Keeps Odors Under Control

Max Power litter features a patented dual-clay formula that clumps hard on contact to seal in urine, feces, and the smells that come with them. The advanced odor control technology provides up to 10 days of protection against ammonia buildup when used as directed. No need for frequent scooping or litter changes.

Strongest Clumping Action

This is our strongest clumping litter formula yet. The super absorbent clumps are hard as a rock, enabling easy scooping and cleanup. The rock-solid clumps prevent tracking mess outside the litter box. No more crumbling clumps or dusty residue.

99% Dust Free

Unlike clay litters that generate plumes of dust, Max Power controls dust to help you and your cat breathe easy. The low dust formula is 99% dust free, keeping your home cleaner.

Lightweight and Low Tracking

At 25% lighter than our original formula, this jug of Max Power is easy to handle, pour, and transport. The rounded granules don’t stick to paws, helping to reduce tracking around your home.

Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free

The dye and fragrance-free formula is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for cats and owners with sensitivities. It’s a natural choice for households that prefer unscented litter. Safe for all cat ages and breeds.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

This 15 lb jug provides great value and lasts longer than smaller boxes. The super absorbent clumps take up less space in the trash. Produced in the USA from natural materials and renewable resources.

Giving Back

We donate one pound of litter to animal shelters for every jug purchased. This donation program has provided over 100 million pounds of litter for cats in need nationwide.

Directions for Use

  • Completely replace old litter with 3-4 inches of fresh Max Power litter
  • Allow your cat time to acclimate to the new litter
  • Scoop solid waste and wet clumps daily
  • Top off litter level as needed
  • Change litter every 2-3 weeks

Satisfaction Guarantee

Cat’s Pride stands behind the performance of this product. If you are not fully satisfied, let us know and we will make it right. We want you and your cats to be happy!

Bring odor control to the max for multiple cats with Cat’s Pride Max Power unscented litter. The heavyweight clumping action locks in smells. Plus, it’s 99% dust free and hypoallergenic. Make the switch to Max Power today!


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