BFONS XL Silicone Faucet Splash Guard – Effortlessly Catch Drips and Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink



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Tired of water splashing all over your countertop and causing a mess around the sink? Uplevel your kitchen with the BFONS XL Silicone Faucet Splash Guard, the ultimate solution for containing wayward water and protecting your counters.

This innovative silicone mat fits snugly around your faucet to catch drips and prevent splashing. The supersized design provides wide coverage to keep counters dry while the smart slope channels water directly into the sink. No more puddles, spots, or soggy mess!


Sized For Maximum Coverage

At 18.1″ x 5.7″, this splash guard offers extra wide protection. The XL size and 2.56″ faucet hole accommodate most single-handle kitchen faucets. Upgrade to serious splash protection!

Slope Design For Fast Draining

The integrated 5° slope leads water into the sink for fast draining. No more soggy mats or lingering puddles around your faucet.

Made From 100% Silicone

Silicone construction is super soft yet durable. It’s heat resistant, flexible, and won’t scratch utensils. Easy to clean too – just wipe or rinse clean!

Multipurpose Functionality

Use as a sponge holder, soap dispenser tray, drying mat and more. Keep all your washing necessities in one handy spot!

Sleek, Modern Style

With its matte grey finish, the splash guard blends seamlessly into any kitchen décor. Subtly stylish yet highly functional.

Installation Requirements

Ensure proper fit by measuring your faucet and sink space first. Faucet diameter must be less than 2.56″. Allow at least 7.9″ clearance on both sides and 0.79″ space in back. Not for corner sinks.

Effortless Drip and Splash Protection

Say goodbye to the mess and headache of water splattering everywhere! This smart silicone design contains drips and keeps surrounding counters clean and dry.

The extra large size provides full coverage around the faucet. No more spots, drips or damage. Protect your counters and eliminate one of the most annoying kitchen nuisances.

Designed For Fast Draining

The built-in slope directs water straight into the sink for fast drying. No more soggy mats that take forever to dry out. The soft silicone construction won’t absorb water like fabric mats, so no lingering moisture or mildew smells either.

The water drains quickly while the mat maintains its shape and functionality. You’ll love the fast-draining, no-fuss performance.

Made of 100% Silicone

BFONS constructs the faucet splash guard entirely from flexible, BPA-free silicone. This makes it safe, hygienic and gentle on hands and utensils.

The smooth silicone comfortably molds around the faucet base to prevent leaks and seals out moisture. It’s heat resistant and easy to wipe clean too – no need for messy mat laundry!

Silicone is also incredibly durable. This splash guard is built to last through years of daily use.

Multi-Tasking Functionality

The BFONS faucet mat serves many helpful purposes beyond just containing splashes.

Use it as a designated spot for your kitchen sponge, brush or scrubby. Store bars of soap, bottles of cleaner and other washing essentials on the mat. The spacious XL size accommodates all your sink accessories.

Let cleaned utensils air dry on the mat. The soft silicone provides a safe resting spot that won’t scratch.

Get the most out of this multifunctional silicone mat!

Sleek, Subtle Style

In cool matte grey, the faucet splash guard blends seamlessly into any modern or contemporary kitchen décor.

The minimalist low-profile design looks discreet yet highly functional. It adds a subtle style accent while doing its vital job of keeping counters clean and dry.

This smart silicone mat will elevate the look of any kitchen without shouting. Understated elegance and purpose-driven design unite beautifully.

Easy Installation

Installation takes just minutes! Simply center the mat around your faucet and press to adhere. The soft silicone naturally molds around the faucet for a custom fit.

Be sure to check faucet and sink dimensions first:

– Faucet diameter must be less than 2.56″
– Allow at least 7.9″ clearance on both sides
– Leave 0.79″ space behind the faucet

Not recommended for corner sinks or basins with built-in accessories like soap dispensers.

We Stand Behind Our Product

Your satisfaction means everything to us. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee along with responsive USA-based customer service. Please reach out if you have any issues – we’ll make it right!

Upgrade your kitchen and contain splashes with the BFONS XL Faucet Splash Guard. This smart silicone mat prevents leaks, keeps counters clean, and makes washing up much more convenient. Ditch the drips and mess for good!


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