Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy – Long Lasting Real Bacon Flavor for Aggressive Chewers



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The Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is specially designed to stand up to aggressive chewers while providing long-lasting enrichment and satisfaction. This durable chew features an ergonomic wishbone shape that makes it easy for dogs to grip, bite, and gnaw. It’s infused with 100% real bacon flavor from USA-sourced pork for irresistible taste dogs love. Made in the USA with USA-sourced materials.

Indestructible Design Built for Power Chewers

Benebone toys are famous for their strength and durability. They can withstand the destructive chewing power of large breeds like Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and more. The patented nylon and real bone material is designed to be stronger than real bones. Deep grooves and texture provide surfaces for chewing and biting. Unlike real bones, Benebones don’t splinter or fracture and will last for weeks of intense chewing.

Wishbone Shape for Easy Gripping

The unique wishbone shape allows dogs to easily grip the tapered ends in their mouth. The curved middle section fits perfectly in the paw for holding, carrying, and repositioning. Dogs love to bite and gnaw on the knobby ends, get a good grip on the middle, shake it vigorously, or just lay down and go to town chewing for hours. It’s ergonomically designed for a dog’s mouth and paws.

Irresistible Real Bacon Flavor

Benebone only uses 100% real ingredients to flavor their toys. The wishbone chew is infused with real bacon flavor, sourced from USA-raised pork. Dogs go crazy for the smelly, meaty bacon scent and rich savory flavor. Unlike artificial bacon flavors, real bacon satisfies a dog’s wild instinct to chew meat and bones. Keep them happily engaged for hours.

Safety Tested in USA Dog Testing Facilities

All Benebone toys undergo rigorous safety testing at USA facilities with real dogs. They are tested for ingestion, palatability, durability, and bacteria resistance. Their unique material composition makes them non-toxic if ingested and bacteria resistant to prevent foul odors. While no dog toy is completely indestructible, Benebone meets the highest safety standards.

Made in USA from USA-Sourced Materials

Support American businesses and jobs by choosing a USA-made product. Both their factory and all of their raw source materials are located in the USA. This eliminates overseas shipping and ensures the highest quality control over production and sourcing. Even the real bacon is sourced from USA pork producers!

Why Dogs Love Benebone Wishbone Chews

Tough Material – Indestructible nylon and bone material stands up to aggressive chewers

Wishbone Shape – Easy to grip, pick up, carry, and reposition

Real Bacon Flavor – 100% real pork bacon provides irresistible scent and flavor

Deep Grooves – Textured grooves and surfaces provide long-lasting chewing and biting

Safety Tested – Rigorously tested for safety and quality in USA facilities

USA Made – Manufactured and sourced in the USA for maximum quality control

Perfect For These Dog Breeds

The Benebone Wishbone is ideal for aggressive chewers of all sizes such as:

Labrador Retrievers – Their strong jaws require seriously tough chew toys.

Pit Bulls – Help redirect their natural chewing drive to appropriate toys.

German Shepherds – Need mental stimulation and satisfying chewing.

Golden Retrievers – Love having a tasty chew toy to carry around.

English Bulldogs – Relieves boredom in less active breeds.

Boxers – Provides an outlet for stress and anxiety.

Australian Shepherds – High energy herders need extra chewing time.

Great Danes – Big dogs can destroy soft toys quickly.

The wishbone shape and real bacon flavor will have every breed hooked!

Customer Reviews

Rex’s Mom – “This is the only chew toy that lasts longer than a day with my aggressive chewer. Rex couldn’t destroy it!”

Robert – “My chocolate lab has extremely powerful jaws but this wishbone has held up for over 3 weeks now. I’m amazed!”

Zeus – “I bought this bacon wishbone for my German Shepherd after he chewed up all his other toys. It’s been 2 months and still going strong!”

Luna – “My dog is typically not interested in toys but LOVES this bacon wishbone. It keeps her happy chewing for hours!”

Duke – “This is seriously durable. My Great Pyrenees usually tears up his toys quickly but this remains intact after heavy chewing.”

Mia – “The wishbone shape makes it super easy for my pitbull to grip and chew. Plus the real bacon smell drives her nuts!”

So if you have a hardcore chewer at home, grab the durable Benebone Wishbone chew toy today and give them something tasty and indestructible to gnaw on!


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