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Do you ever find yourself struggling to remove those stubborn nails from wood? Are you a carpenter, construction worker, or handyman looking for a top quality nail pulling tool? Look no further than the Bates End Cutting Pliers and Nail Puller. This sturdy and well-constructed tool makes removing nails a breeze.

The Bates End Cutting Pliers serve two useful purposes – as a nail puller and a wire/nail cutter. The sharp jaws allow you to grip and extract nails cleanly and smoothly. The plier’s angles and curves are designed to give you maximum leverage, so you can pull out nails quickly and with less effort. Whether you’re removing nails from floorboards, wall panels, furniture, or any other surface, these pliers get the job done fast.

Constructed from high carbon steel, the Bates End Cutting Pliers are built to last. The rugged steel withstands heavy use on worksites without bending or breaking. High carbon steel resists rust and corrosion far better than other materials. You’ll enjoy years of reliable use from this nail puller.

The smart shape and design of these end cutting pliers also make them highly functional for cutting and snipping wire and small nails. The sharp blade on the plier jaw slices cleanly through thin metals. Quickly trim off and remove exposed nails, wire ends, and other small hardware with a simple squeeze of the handle.

While tough on nails and wires, the Bates End Cutting Pliers are designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The soft plastic handles provide a secure grip and cushion your hands. The handles absorb impact and pressure during use, reducing hand strain. Extended grip span accommodates varying hand sizes.

Weighing just over a pound, these end nippers are lightweight enough for prolonged use. The 7-inch length ensures good reach into corners and tight spaces while remaining compact enough for your tool belt. Whether you’re a carpenter, construction worker, flooring installer, or avid DIYer, the Bates End Cutting Pliers will quickly become one of your most useful tools.


– Dual purpose as a nail puller and nail/wire cutter
– Sturdy high carbon steel construction for durability
– Sharp jaws grip nails for easy pulling
– Designed for maximum leverage to pull nails with less effort
– Cuts and snips wire and small nails cleanly
– Plastic coated handles for comfort and secure grip
– Lightweight 7-inch size is perfect for portability and tight spaces
– Ideal for carpenters, construction workers, flooring installers and handymen

This nail pulling plier is built to tackle even the most stuck nails and allow you to salvage and reuse lumber instead of destroying it to remove nails. The Bates End Cutting Pliers outperform basic crowbars, hammers, and pry bars when removing nails. Specialized nail pullers like this make the task quick and easy.

The angled head and tapered nose allow you to firmly grip stubborn nails, even in awkward positions. Simply position the pliers over the nail head and squeeze the handles. The sharp jaws will clamp down and take hold. Slowly pull back on the pliers, working the nail loose until fully extracted. The plier’s design ensures you can pull out nails without damaging the surrounding material.

These end cutting pliers have the strength and leverage for nails up to 3 inches long. Quickly demolish old flooring, walls, furniture and pallets. Salvage and reuse quality wood without leaving behind nails. If you need to remove large nails over 3 inches, use a nail puller with increased leverage. For all other everyday nail pulling tasks, the Bates End Cutting Pliers are just right.

You’ll also appreciate how easily these pliers snip through wire and small nail heads. The hardened steel blades make clean cuts without leaving frayed ends. Eliminate exposed wires and nails from your projects with a simple cut. The ability to nip away unwanted metal pieces makes these pliers even more useful.

Why spend time struggling with awkward crowbars and claw hammers when you can use the proper tool for the job? The Bates End Cutting Pliers nail puller allows you to quickly tackle tasks like:

– Pulling nails from flooring and walls during demolition or renovation
– Removing nails to disassemble wood pallets and shipping crates
– Dismantling old furniture during restoration projects
– Refurbishing wall paneling by salvaging and reusing lumber
– Preparing surfaces for new flooring by pulling old nails
– General home and farm repairs requiring nail removal
– Eliminating exposed nails and wires from DIY projects

With so many uses around workshop, construction sites, and DIY projects, the Bates End Cutting Pliers are a must-have addition to any tool kit. The smart shape and perfect size make these pliers a handy helper for any nail pulling task. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident these durable pliers will provide years of smooth nail pulling.

For superior leverage, sturdy construction, and flawless results, choose the Bates End Cutting Pliers nail puller and nail cutter. Pull those stubborn nails quickly and cleanly!


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