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Tranquil Twilight Over the Ocean: The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

There’s nothing more peaceful than the ocean at twilight. The rolling waves gently lap at the shore as the sky turns a calm periwinkle blue dotted with pastel pink clouds. Sea birds call softly to each other as they nestle into the cliffs. Your baby can drift off to this tranquil scene every night with the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. This magical crib soother surrounds your little one with the soothing sights and sounds of the sea at dusk to gently lull them into a deep, restful sleep.

25+ Minutes of Lullabies, Melodies, and Ocean Sounds

At the heart of the Sea Dreams Soother is a selection of calming lullabies, melodies, and ocean sounds designed by Baby Einstein’s team of music experts. Altogether there are over 25 minutes of soothing audio to relax even the fussiest baby. Gentle instrumentals play over relaxing ocean sounds like waves rolling onto a sandy beach, seabirds calling over the water, and water bubbling around rocks in a tide pool. The music transitions seamlessly between songs, continuing the tranquil mood. You can adjust the volume to just the right level for your nursery, from a soft background soundtrack to help distract your baby from overstimulation to a more immersive experience to help drown out any loud noises. Give your baby the soothing sounds of the sea they crave to help them fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Mesmerizing Lights Inspired by the Sea at Dusk

In addition to its soothing sounds, the Sea Dreams Soother also features a visually engaging light show designed around the colors of the ocean at dusk. These mesmerizing lights are projected from the soother’s orb onto the ceiling and walls around your baby’s crib. Watching the swirling lights has a pacifying, hypnotic effect on little eyes that helps lull them into sleep. The lights gradually shift colors between relaxing blues, purples, and pinks reminiscent of the sunset over the sea. These cool, muted tones are gentle on your baby’s developing eyes. The orb itself also softly glows, bathing your nursery in a calming nightlight-like radiance. Both the lights and the music work together to signal to your little one that it’s time for bed.

Easily Attaches to Most Cribs

Designed with convenience in mind, the Sea Dreams Soother has an adjustable strap that effortlessly secures it to most crib rails up to 10.5 inches around. The strap can tighten to keep the soother firmly in place next to your sleeping baby. For extra security, the inside of the strap has a non-slip grip texture to prevent sliding. The strap also detaches completely so the soother can be placed on a nightstand or dresser for soothing baby to sleep in a bassinet, pack and play, or while co-sleeping with mom and dad. Wherever you use it, the soother’s lighting effects will project a tranquil ocean scene around your drifting off dreamer.

Remote Control Operation and Auto Shutoff

The included remote control makes operating the Sea Dreams Soother a breeze for sleep-deprived parents. The remote works from up to 12 feet away so you don’t have to bother going back into your finally sleeping baby’s room once they’re settled in for the night just to turn it off. If your baby wakes and cries in the middle of the night, you can also turn the soother back on from the comfort of your own bed to help get them back to sleep without completely waking yourself up. A timer automatically turns off the lights and sounds after 25 minutes, saving the batteries. But don’t worry about your baby waking back up once the soother stops – just press the remote and it will start up again to lull them back to dreamland.

4 Soothing Modes for Customized Relaxation

Every baby is different, so the Sea Dreams Soother has adjustable settings to provide just the right environment to meet your little one’s needs. There are 4 different modes that let you customize the sights and sounds to find the perfect balance for your nursery. The ocean melodies with lights on setting bathes the room in tranquil music and colored lights projected around the space. Lights only mode turns off the music for a purely visual experience. The ocean sounds only setting is great for minimizing stimulation by removing the lights while still providing pacifying background noise. Or turn both the lights and sounds off and use the soother as a nightlight to softly illuminate your nursery without any extra sensory input. There’s also an adjustable timer to program the soother from 15, 30, or 45 minutes before automatically shutting off.

Drift Off Gradual Dimming for Extra Calming

For babies that need a little extra help transitioning into sleep, the Sea Dreams Soother has a patented Drift Off feature. When this setting is selected, the soother’s lights and volume gradually dim and decrease over a 25 minute period. The Drift Off setting mimics the natural progression of sunset over the ocean into twilight and darkness. Starting bright and lively, the lights and sounds slowly fade out little by little to gently ease your little one into sleep rather than shutting off abruptly. The gradual dimming creates a womb-like environment that babies find extremely soothing and signals to their body that it’s time for bed.

Developed with Baby’s Safety in Mind

Rest assured that the Sea Dreams Soother meets all the safety standards for baby products, so you can feel comfortable using it in your nursery. The materials used meet or exceed toy safety requirements and the edges are smoothly contoured with no sharp corners or edges. It emits very little heat, staying at room temperature even after long periods of use. Set up and operation are designed to be simple and intuitive for sleep-deprived parents. The soother, remote, and batteries are also all within parts small enough to prevent choking hazards. Give your baby the soothing sleep they need by bringing the sights and sounds of the sea right to their cribside.


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