AUCELI Nitrous Button Car Cigarette Lighter Plug – Aluminum Alloy Push Button Cigarette Lighter Replacement – Fits 12V Socket



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Rev up your ride with this nitrous blue push button cigarette lighter plug from AUCELI. Designed as a fun and stylish accessory, this plug adds excitement every time you push it in to fire up your car.

Made of durable aluminum alloy, this plug is built to last. The sleek metal construction provides excellent heat dissipation so it won’t overheat. The smooth finish resists rust and wear.

Installation takes just seconds – simply insert it into your standard 12V cigarette lighter socket and it’s ready to use. This accessory fits most vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, tractors, and more. Please verify it is compatible before purchasing.

To use, push the button all the way into the socket. You’ll hear a satisfying “click” indicating it is activated. The heating element will glow red hot within seconds, ready to light your cigarette. After about 5 seconds, it will automatically pop back out for safety and convenience.

The vibrant nitrous blue color and bold white lettering give this cigarette lighter a race car look and feel. The word “NITROUS” is printed in a racing font, reminiscent of the nitrous oxide systems used by drag racers for an extra boost of power.

Bring some excitement to your everyday drives with the nostalgic power of nitrous! This novelty lighter plug is perfect for muscle car enthusiasts and racing fans.


  • Plug and use design for easy installation
  • Fits 12V cigarette lighter sockets
  • Compatible with most vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, etc.
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy
  • Sleek metallic finish resists rust and wear
  • Nitrous blue color with white racing font lettering
  • Push button operation – click to activate
  • Auto eject for safety after approximately 5 seconds
  • Provides 140W power output

With this nitrous blue cigarette lighter plug, you’ll feel like a race car driver every time you start your engine and push the button! The bold color and font are inspired by the nitrous oxide injection systems used to give an extra power boost to supercharged drag racing cars and motorcycles.

Nitrous oxide is injected into the combustion chambers to greatly increase the amount of oxygen available for burning fuel. This shot of NOS allows more fuel to be used, resulting in a huge horsepower gain.

The NOS systems used by professional racers are complex and expensive. This novelty cigarette lighter plug allows anyone to experience the excitement of nitrous power right from their driver’s seat.

Every time you push in this lighter, imagine the surge of acceleration as your car is injected with nitrous oxide! The bold “NITROUS” lettering printed in racing font captures the thrill of this power boosting system.

Premium Quality Construction

This nitrous button lighter plug is constructed from lightweight, durable aluminum alloy. This allows for excellent heat transfer to prevent overheating. The smooth metallic finish resists oxidation, rust, and wear.

The sleek metal push button blends seamlessly into any 12V cigarette lighter socket for a clean, OEM look. Rugged aluminum alloy construction ensures this accessory will hold up to daily use for years.

The standard 1.3 x 1.9 inch size was engineered specifically to fit most automobile cigarette lighter receptacles. However, please verify compatibility prior to purchasing.

Overall, this nitrous plug is built with quality materials to last. It provides 140 watts of power output for reliable performance, time after time.

Liven Up Your Interior

This nitrous blue lighter plug adds a fun, unique look to any ride, from classic muscle cars to compact commuter cars. The vibrant color and racing style font liven up your interior in seconds!

Pop open the lighter socket cover to reveal this cool blue and white button. Pushing it in gives you a rush of power – both real and imagined!

It’s the perfect accessory for racing fans, car enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to add some excitement to their daily drive. With just a quick click, you’ll feel like a drag racer rocketing down the track thanks to nitrous oxide injection.

Experience a nostalgic blast from the past every time you push this nitrous button. Get your AUCELI nitrous lighter plug now!


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