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Experience clear, immersive audio with the Apple EarPods Lightning connector earbuds. Designed for optimal fit and comfort, these wired headphones deliver dynamic sound and seamless device control.

Ergonomic In-Ear Design

Apple engineered the EarPods’ shape by digitally scanning hundreds of ears. This ensures a natural, secure fit that feels custom molded for most users.

The sleek, minimalist design has an oblong angle that nestles comfortably inside the ear without protruding. Unlike round earbuds, the unique geometry reduces ear fatigue even during extended wear.

Vents on the exterior housing work with the specially contoured ear tips to deliver clear, robust sound directly into the ear canal. You’ll enjoy rich audio free from outside noise.

Premium Sound Quality

Despite the compact size, EarPods pack impressive audio power. The optimized speaker drivers produce dynamic bass, crisp mids, and clean highs for immersive music, videos, games, and calls.

The earbuds have a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, capturing the complete spectrum of sound. Even at full volume, audio retains definition without distortion.

Plus, the built-in microphone reduces ambient noise so your voice sounds crystal clear on the other end of calls and voice commands. Friends and family can hear you as if you were speaking face-to-face.

Seamless Device Control

The EarPods Lightning connector plugs directly into iPhone and iPod models for quick, hassle-free pairing. Just plug in and start listening – no syncing required.

A control module on the cord lets you adjust volume, skip tracks, play/pause media, and take calls with the touch of a button. Summon Siri hands-free to change songs or make requests.

The headphones automatically pause music when you receive a call. Once your call ends, playback resumes right where you left off.

Convenient Lightning Connector

Leave adapters behind thanks to the integrated Lightning connector that plugs directly into Lightning-enabled iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 10 or later.

The Lightning connector ensures fast charging and syncs data quickly – up to 2x faster than the 3.5mm headphone jack. You can swiftly transfer music and photos or do a quick charge before dashing out the door.

At just 1.5 meters long, the durable cable lets you put devices in a pocket or bag without getting tangled. Take calls and control your tunes on the go, all without pulling out your device.

Apple EarPods Also Available for 3.5mm Devices

Apple offers both Lightning and 3.5mm versions of EarPods to support different iPhone models.

The 3.5mm EarPods have the same ergonomic design and dynamic audio but use a standard headphone jack instead of Lightning. These are compatible with earlier iPhones, Macs, iPads, and other devices with 3.5mm ports.

However, the Lightning EarPods provide faster charging, smoother data transfer, and instant pairing with Lightning-equipped Apple devices.

Designed with Environment in Mind

Like all Apple products, EarPods are made with sustainability in mind. The headphones are free of potentially hazardous materials like PVC, BFRs, and phthalates.

Plus, the packaging uses majority recycled paper, and at least 35 percent of the plastic in EarPods is made from bio-based materials rather than fossil fuels.

Apple Quality Guarantee

EarPods Lightning connector earphones uphold Apple’s commitment to quality design and craftsmanship. They may be small, but the headphones produce a big, immersive soundstage.

The durable design stands up to daily use with sweat and water-resistance. Take your music anywhere with headphones engineered for comfort and built to last.

Experience the convenience of direct device control and the audio excellence Apple users expect. Bring your music, movies, and calls to life with EarPods Lightning earbuds.


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