Amerimax Home Products 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop – The Easiest Way to Clean Gutters



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Tired of struggling with flimsy gutter scoops that scratch up your hands and fail to reach difficult spots? Introducing the Amerimax Home Products 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop, the innovative solution designed to make gutter cleaning easier than ever.

Keep Hands Safe and Scratch-Free

The 8300 Getter features an extra-high handle that allows you to scoop debris from a standing position. The ergonomic design protects your hands by keeping them away from sharp gutter edges and lets you maintain your balance, unlike flimsy short-handled scoops. No more scraped knuckles or sore wrists.

Reach Under Gutter Supports with Ease

An extended narrow tongue on the 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop effortlessly reaches under gutter guards and brackets to scoop out hard-to-reach leaf litter and debris. No more struggling with short, ineffective scoops that can’t navigate around obstructions.

Flexes to Fit Various Gutter Shapes

The 8300 Getter’s flexible alloy and rubber scoop conforms to fit almost any gutter shape or size. Oval gutters, rectangular gutters, 5-inch openings – no problem! The malleable scoop adjusts to collect debris without leaving anything behind.

Pulls Easily When Full

A narrow heel allows the 8300 Getter to slide smoothly out of the gutter when the scoop is full. No more spilled debris or stuck shovels. The innovative design lets you remove large loads without getting overloaded.

Built-In Ruler for Accurate Measurement

The 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop contains built-in markings in 1/8 inch increments, making it easy to gauge how full your gutters are and identify problem areas. No more guessing – get an accurate measurement every time.

Lightweight Yet Heavy Duty

At just 1.1 pounds, the 8300 Getter is extremely lightweight while still being durable enough for heavy debris loads. Clean your gutters longer without hand and arm fatigue.

Trusted Brand Since 1938

Amerimax has specialized in manufacturing gutter tools and supplies for over 80 years. We stand behind the quality and performance of the 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why You Need the Amerimax 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop

✅ Keeps hands away from sharp gutter edges

✅ Reaches under supports and brackets

✅ Flexes to fit any gutter shape

✅ Easily removes loaded debris

✅ Built-in ruler for measurement

✅ Lightweight and heavy duty

Don’t waste another minute struggling with outdated gutter scoops. The Amerimax Home Products 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop helps you clean gutters quickly, easily, and safely. Experience the most innovative and effective gutter cleaning solution on the market.


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