Amazon Basics Thermal Laminating Sheets, 9 x 11.5-Inch, Clear, 200-Pack, 3mil Thickness



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Keep important documents, photos, and memorabilia preserved and protected with this 200-pack of Amazon Basics Thermal Laminating Sheets. The 9 x 11.5-inch sheets are made from durable 3mil thick plastic for optimal performance with any thermal laminator machine.

Universal Compatibility

These thermal laminator pouches are designed to work with all major laminator brands and models. Simply insert your document or item into the pouch and run it through the laminator to create a professional, waterproof seal. The heat from the laminator activates the adhesive lining to encapsulate, preserve, and protect your contents.

Optimal 3mil Thickness

With a thickness of 3mils, these laminating sheets offer the ideal balance of durability and flexibility. The 3mil plastic provides reliable strength to guard against rips or holes while still allowing some bendability. Laminated items can be folded or curled without cracking or creasing the seal. Photos, documents, drawings, and more are kept safe.

Premium Clarity

The high-quality plastic and precise manufacturing ensures crisp, clear results. Photos, colored artwork, and other laminated items maintain their vibrancy and clarity. Text and fine details are easily visible through the transparent plastic. These are ideal for laminating labels, tags, signage, classroom activities, arts and crafts, and any application requiring visibility.

Waterproof and Tear Resistant

The thermal lamination process creates a complete moisture barrier that protects paper, cardboard, photos, and other porous items from water damage, stains, and smudging. Laminated items can be safely handled and wiped clean. The durable 3mil plastic also helps reinforce laminated materials against rips, holes, and normal wear and tear.

Preserve and Protect

Lamination is ideal for preserving cherished photos, important documents, creative works, collectivibles, and other valuables. The airtight seal shields items from dust, dirt, fingerprints, UV damage, and other environmental factors that can cause deterioration over time. Photos stay vibrant for decades. Documents remain legible. Artwork maintains its color and integrity. Memories and memorabilia are protected.

Smooth, Even Seal

These laminating pouches feature a heat-activated adhesive that evenly coats the entire interior surface, leaving no gaps in the seal. The result is a perfectly smooth, bubble-free encapsulation that neatly preserves contents and allows them to slide in and out of the pouch easily. With proper lamination, items will remain pristine for years to come.

Ideal for Photos, Documents, Cards, and More

This laminating plastic is perfect for protecting photos, documents, drawings, cards, tags, flyers, certificates, menus, announcements, artwork, and just about anything else imaginable. Create durable, reusable signage, classroom tools, display pieces, tags, IDs, and so much more.

Customizable to Any Size

Simply trim the laminating pouches with scissors or a paper cutter before or after sealing to create custom sizes. This allows you to laminate odd-shaped items or specific sections of documents. Get creative and customize pouches to your exact needs.

With 200 sheets per pack, this set provides a generous supply for all your laminating needs. The 9 x 11.5-inch size is ideal for laminating 8.5 x 11-inch sheets of paper. Never run out of laminating supplies again. Preserve your memories and valuables for years to come with this essential item.


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