Amazon Basics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, Unscented, 300 Count



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No one enjoys picking up after their dog during walks, but it’s a necessary evil for responsible pet owners. Make the task simpler with these Amazon Basics dog waste bags. The complete set includes 300 leakproof plastic bags, a dispenser, and a handy leash clip to keep the rolls accessible for quick, easy pick-ups.

generously Sized Bags for Mess-Free Pick-Ups

At 13 x 9 inches, these plastic bags are extra large to fully contain dog waste without the mess. The durable black plastic is thick enough to prevent breaks or leaks, keeping hands clean during use. An inner liner ensures nothing permeates through, while the large size provides full coverage for picking up and tying off the bag neatly.

Simply slip a hand inside the bag, scoop up the dog poop, tie a secure knot, and properly dispose of the sealed bag in the trash. The leakproof design contains odors and mess, making the cleanup process fast and fuss-free. No more drips, spills, or smells!

Convenient Dispenser for Quick Access

The dispenser makes it easy to grab and go. Easily load a roll of 15 bags into the dispenser; the open end pops up through a front slit, ready to dispense one bag at a time. A weighted base provides stability so the dispenser stays upright for quick access during walks.

The spring-loaded design keeps the next bag ready to pop up when the dispenser top is pressed down after removing a bag. No struggling to dig bags out of boxes or pockets mid-walk. The dispenser keeps the rolls protected, making it easy to quickly grab a clean bag when nature calls.

MatchinG Leash Clip for Hands-Free Carrying

The included black metal carabiner conveniently clips the dispenser onto a leash for hands-free transportation. No need to juggle the dispenser while wrangling an excited dog. Simply hook the sturdy clasp onto a collar, leash, or bag to always have the waste bags accessible.

The smart design ensures owners never get caught without a bag during walks again. Keeping the dispenser clipped close by means no more frantic digging when it’s time for a pick-up.

Odor-Blocking Unscented Plastic

The plastic bags are crafted from a durable low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that’s completely unscented. This ensures no bothersome perfumes or odors interfere with the bag’s main job – neatly containing dog waste. Once tied off, the thick plastic of the bags tightly seals in mess and smells.

Pet owners don’t have to worry about excess chemicals or fragrances around their dogs. The simple odor-blocking black plastic gets the dirty work done without any added scents or smells.

Do the Dirty Work in Style

Picking up dog poop is never glamorous, but these sleek black waste bags add a touch of discreet style to the process. The matching black dispenser and leash clip look subtly smarter than bulky bright plastic.

The dark color hides stains and dirt that inevitably come with the territory. While plastic bags will never be fashionable, these are designed to blend as seamlessly as possible into leashes, collars, carriers and other walking essentials.

An Amazon Brand You Can Trust

Amazon Basics products are known for their quality and reliability. These dog waste bags live up to the performance standards set by other Amazon Basics items. Count on durable leakproof plastic, secure knot ties, and sturdy dispenser and clip hardware.

Made exclusively for Amazon, these bags feature the convenience and smart design Basics line is known for. The simple style focuses on utility – no fancy frills or huge logos. Just quality pet waste bags that get the dirty work done.

Responsible Pet Ownership Made Simple

Being a responsible dog owner means making the not-so-glamorous tasks of pet care as smooth as possible. These dog waste bags allow quick, mess-free pick-up and disposal of dog poop, making neighborhood walks more pleasant for everyone.

The large bag size, handy dispenser, and leash clip make the cleanup process essentially thoughtless. Just focus on enjoying time with your dog and rest assured the supplies are ready when nature calls.

Durable, leakproof, generously sized, and conveniently packaged – these Amazon Basics dog poop bags have everything needed for responsible pet waste removal. Make the dirty work disappear and simplify being a conscientious dog owner.


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