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Stay powered up with this 48-pack of 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries from Amazon Basics. With a 10-year leak-free shelf life, these batteries are ideal for emergency preparedness, everyday use, and storing for future needs.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Power

Each battery provides 1.5 volts of dependable power for tons of devices and gadgets. Use them in TV remotes, gaming controllers, flashlights, wireless keyboards and mice, clocks, toys, and more. The alkaline composition makes these batteries high performing and long lasting for consistent performance when you need it.

Compared to generic or rechargeable batteries, these Amazon Basics AA alkalines have a longer shelf life for power you can rely on in an emergency. Stash some in your emergency kit, bug out bag, or car for peace of mind.

10-Year Shelf Life

The durable construction prevents leakage so you can stock up on batteries without worry. Store these high-performing alkaline batteries for up to 10 years and know they’ll be ready to use when needed.

Keep some on hand for unexpected battery needs or blackouts. Have batteries ready for severe weather, outdoor excursions, camping trips, and even unexpected gadget gifts.

Bulk Pack of 48

The 48-pack contains enough AA batteries to power tons of devices. It’s more economical to buy in bulk than constantly replace single-use or smaller multi-packs. Reduce your costs per battery and always have spares available.

The smart bulk size also reduces packaging waste compared to purchasing individually wrapped single packs. Share the pack with family members or divide it up to store batteries in different locations.

Everyday & Emergency Compatibility

These are single-use alkaline batteries, not rechargeable. They work with any device or gadget that requires AA battery size and 1.5 volt power, providing hours of usage.

Use them for controllers, toys, flashlights, wireless accessories, wall clocks, and anything else that runs on AAs. The non-rechargeable design makes them ideal for emergency kits and long-term storage.

Easy to Use & Store

The packaging allows easy access to the batteries inside. Simply open the cardboard box and remove batteries as needed. Divvy up the pack into small portions to keep your battery supply organized and maximized.

Proper battery storage helps maintain power and extend shelf life. Store batteries at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperature fluctuations can impact performance and longevity.

High Quality Construction

Amazon Basics batteries meet strict quality control standards for optimal performance and long shelf life. Rigorous testing ensures consistent voltage and protects against early battery failure.

The durable alkaline composition stands up to frequent use and storage compared to generic batteries. You can count on ample power output and runtime before replacement is needed.

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Keep your gadgets powered and emergency kits at the ready with the Amazon Basics 48-Pack of AA Alkaline Batteries. The 1.5 volt batteries feature reliable performance and a 10-year shelf life. Buy in bulk and save!


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