Amazon Basics 17-Piece Sketching and Drawing Art Tool Set – Pencils, Charcoals, and Blenders for Shading, Blending and Sketching



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Elevate your artistic abilities with this all-in-one, 17-piece drawing and sketching supply kit from Amazon Basics. The set contains a versatile selection of sketching pencils, charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal sticks, blending tools, and erasers—everything needed to explore a variety of drawing techniques.

The included tools allow artists to achieve detailed precision, dramatic darks and lights, subtle shading, smudging and blending, and more. Use them individually or combine them to create drawings rich with depth and dimension. This quality art set is ideal for artists of all skill levels looking to experiment with new mediums or hone their existing drawing skills.

The Kit Contains:

6 Graphite Drawing Pencils

  • 2H, HB, H, B, 2B, 3B

Create intricate details and achieve a full range of tones from light grey to black. Harder leads are ideal for fine lines and detailed work. Softer leads create velvety blacks and smooth shading.

3 Charcoal Pencils

  • Soft, medium, hard

Charcoal pencils generate rich, dark marks perfect for high-contrast sketching and drawing. Softer leads are excellent for shading and blending. Harder leads give more control for detail work.

4 Compressed Charcoal & Conté Sketching Sticks

  • 2 charcoal
  • 2 conté (brown, white)

These compressed sticks create soft, blendable marks. Charcoal is ideal for dramatic darks and contemporary sketching. Conté crayons are made from clay and pigment and produce smooth, wax-like coverage. Use them for blending and accenting.

1 Standard Eraser

Effortlessly erase graphite and charcoal marks without damage to paper.

1 Kneaded Eraser

This pliable putty-like eraser can be molded into points and edges to remove marks in tight or detailed areas.

1 Blending Stump

Blend, soften, and smudge pencil and charcoal marks to create shading and gradients.

1 Dual Barrel Sharpener

Simultaneously sharpen graphite pencils and charcoal pencils to keep points fine and precise.

Endless Drawing Possibilities

This comprehensive set allows artists to work in various mediums and provides the tools to use them together. Experiment with combining the compressed charcoal sticks, pencil shading, and convenient blending tools to achieve multidimensional works of art.

Sketch loosely using charcoal sticks on textured paper for energetic, expressive drawings. Refine with conté crayon highlights and lifted areas. Or work meticulously using the full range of graphite pencils to convey realistic details and tone gradation.

Use this quality kit to:

  • Learn fundamentals of contrast, shading, blending, and detail work
  • Practice portraiture, still life, landscapes, and figure drawing
  • Explore charcoal sketching and contemporary drawing techniques
  • Study the effects achieved by various pencil leads and charcoal types
  • Doodle, journal, storyboard, animate, design, and more

This versatile 17-piece art set is a must-have for art students, drawing enthusiasts, professionals, art instructors, and anyone who loves to draw. It contains essential tools for achieving a wide spectrum of artistic effects. Create gallery-worthy masterpieces or simply enjoy doodling and passing time in creative expression.

Product Highlights

  • Complete 17-piece drawing and sketching studio kit
  • Includes graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, conté crayons, erasers, and blending tools
  • Allows for detailing, shading, blending, sketching, and mixed media techniques
  • High-quality tools for artists of all skill levels
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236 standards

The Amazon Basics Art Essentials Sketching & Drawing Tool Set has everything needed to explore and perfect various artistic drawing techniques. Achieve realistic works of art through the expert use of contrast, value, and blending using these premium-quality sketching and shading tools.


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