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Step into a new world of entertainment, connection, and convenience with the all-new Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen, 2023 release). This smart display elevates every experience thanks to enhanced audio, an upgraded camera, and new privacy features.

Immerse yourself in your favorite videos, music, photos, and calls. Spatial audio delivers a true surround sound experience so content comes to life with clarity and depth. The vibrant 8” HD touchscreen with adaptive color offers crisp visuals that look great day or night. And the 13 MP camera captures you in Full HD for crisp video calls with loved ones.

Your home is now smarter than ever before. With the built-in smart home hub, easily pair and control compatible devices without the need for a separate hub. Manage cameras, lights, thermostats, locks, and more using your voice, the display, or the Alexa app. The Echo Show 8 also supports Zigbee, Matter, and Thread to connect a wide range of smart devices.

Stay connected to family and friends with new communication features. Make hands-free video calls using just your voice. The auto-framing camera automatically centers you in the frame, while noise reduction ensures conversations sound natural. The Home Connections widget lets you make one-tap video calls to your most frequent contacts.

Show off your best memories with Amazon Photos. Turn your home screen into a digital frame displaying your favorite pics. Adaptive color makes photos look great in any lighting. Share your library with family so they can add their own photos for a collaborative experience.

New intelligent interfaces keep relevant info within reach. Adaptive Content automatically displays more details when you’re nearby and key info from afar. Quickly access frequently used info like calendar events via home screen widgets. Everything you need is a tap or glance away.

Privacy is built into the core. The mic/camera off button and built-in shutter ensure audio and video remain off when desired. Plus, Amazon does not sell your personal info to others. You’re always in control.

Sustainability is a top priority. This Echo Show 8 is made with 29% recycled materials, including 35% recycled plastics. 99% of the packaging is made of responsibly sourced wood fibers or recycled materials.

Experience next-level entertainment, smart home control, and communication all through this innovative Alexa-enabled display. The all-new Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) fills rooms with immersive audio, enables intelligent home monitoring, and keeps you connected. See your family, play your favorite songs, and manage smart devices – all with your voice and a tap. This is the future of the smart home.

Immerse Yourself in Entertainment

The Echo Show 8 transforms streaming, listening, and viewing into a captivating multimedia experience. Spatial audio delivers studio-quality surround sound for incredible clarity and depth. Just ask Alexa to stream content from Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and more (subscriptions required).

With an expansive 8” HD touchscreen and adaptive color technology, shows, movies, and photos look vivid and natural in any lighting. The touchscreen gives you easy access to control playback, swipe through albums, or video call friends. This is not your average smart display – it’s a personal home theater.

When listening to music, spatial audio creates the sensation of being front row at a concert. Access hundreds of millions of songs through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and others. Spatial audio makes music sound like it’s happening all around you for a truly immersive experience.

Connect and Communicate

Feel closer to friends and family with the Echo Show 8’s enhanced communication features. Make clutter-free video calls using just your voice – no manual camera adjustments needed. The 13MP camera with auto-framing ensures you remain centered in the frame automatically. Noise reduction filters out unwanted background sounds so conversations sound more natural.

Stay in touch with frequent contacts using the Home Connections widget. Anyone in your household Alexa contact list appears on the home screen for one-tap video calling. Catch up face-to-face in Full HD clarity thanks to an upgraded camera sensor and lens.

Turn your home screen into a digital photo frame thanks to Amazon Photos integration. Share your library with family so they can upload their own pics. Photo sharing makes it easy to stay connected through your favorite memories. Adaptive color automatically adjusts tones so images pop in any environment.

Smart Home Simplified

Controlling your smart home devices has never been easier thanks to the built-in hub. The Echo Show 8 supports Zigbee, Matter, and Thread protocols so you can connect and control hundreds of compatible smart home products without a separate hub.

Use your voice to turn lights on and off, raise the thermostat, view security cameras, lock doors, and so much more. The interactive display lets you manage devices with a tap. Monitor home security in Full HD resolution, including night vision support for cameras. Control is at your fingertips.

Set Alexa routines to automate your smart home experience. Schedule lights to turn on at sunset or activate goodnight scenes. Built-in motion detection can trigger actions when you enter a room. With simple voice commands or display taps, set custom schedules, scenes, and automations.

The Echo Show 8 has everything you need to create an intelligent home ecosystem. Unlock next-level home monitoring, energy efficiency, security, and convenience with Alexa through a single device.

Intelligent Interfaces

Innovative interfaces keep you connected to the information you need most. Adaptive Content automatically adjusts based on your distance from the display. Glance across the room to view upcoming calendar events, weather, and reminders. Step closer to see more details and controls.

Widget shortcuts on the home screen give quick access to frequently used features. See at a glance full-screen previews of your calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists, music playlists, and more. Customize widgets based on your daily needs.

Alexa offers proactive suggestions on your display. Get alerts when traffic may make you late or reminders to take an umbrella when rain is expected. The Echo Show 8 keeps you informed, productive, and prepared.

Privacy You Can Trust

Amazon built multiple layers of privacy protections into this Echo Show’s design. The built-in camera shutter allows you to physically block the camera when not in use. The mic/camera off button electronically disconnects both audio and video for guaranteed peace of mind.

Far-field microphones only listen for your chosen wake word. And Amazon does not sell your personal information to others. You are always in control of your privacy and security.

When the camera is active, an on-screen indicator is clearly displayed. See at a glance when the camera is on so you can verify the lens is blocked when desired. Privacy is integrated at the foundational level.

Sustainable Materials

Amazon devices are designed with sustainability in mind. The fabric mesh exterior contains 29% recycled materials, including 35% post-consumer recycled plastics.

The packaging is constructed using 99% wood fiber-based materials from responsibly managed forests. 65% of the wood fibers come from recycled sources.

By recycling plastics and using responsibly sourced wood fibers, the environmental impact of this new Echo Show is greatly reduced. Amazon is committed to sustainability innovations.

The All-new Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) is purpose-built to minimize environmental harm without sacrificing performance. It achieves both sustainability and technological goals simultaneously.

Get ready to reimagine your home with the all-new Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen). This smart display ushers in the future of entertainment, connection, and convenience. Immerse yourself in studio-quality audio, easily control smart devices, and stay in touch with loved ones, all through Alexa on an vivid 8” screen. Welcome to the new world of smart displays.

Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) Key Features

– Spatial audio with room-filling surround sound
– Vibrant 8″ HD touchscreen with adaptive color
– 13MP camera with auto-framing and noise reduction
– Built-in smart home hub
– Hands-free Alexa video calling
– Amazon Photos integration and photo sharing
– Adaptive Content adjusts based on distance
– Widget shortcuts for convenient access
– Physical camera shutter and mic/camera off button
– 29% recycled materials including plastics
– 99% responsibly sourced packaging


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