ALASOU 3-Pack Suction Cup Spinner Tops – Spinning Toys for Toddlers 1-3 Years – Bath & Sensory Play for Babies



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Treat your toddler to hours of sensory stimulation and skill-building play with this 3-pack of suction cup spinner tops from ALASOU. Available in red, yellow, and blue, these spinning tops stick to any smooth surface for independent play anywhere.

Simply press the suction cups firmly to adhere, then let your little one explore spinning the tops with pushes and pulls of their hands. The mesmerizing motion engages their senses while the act of spinning builds hand-eye coordination.

These spinner toys are perfect for keeping your busy toddler entertained during daily tasks like feeding, bathing, and running errands. The strong suction cups keep the tops firmly in place whether stuck on the high chair, bathroom wall, car window, or stroller.

Bathtime is extra fun with these colorful suction cup spinners! Let your child decorate the tub or shower with these bath-safe spinning tops. Water play keeps them happy and distracted for easier hair washing and bathing.

Help your child expand their senses, imagination, and dexterity with these engaging suction cup spinners. The bright colors and spinning shapes captivate toddlers while satisfying their curiosity and need to explore their world through play.

Engaging Features

– Set of 3 spinner tops in red, yellow, blue

– Triangle, square, and circle shapes

– Strong suction cups stick to any smooth surface

– Easy spin action with smooth rotation

– Lightweight plastic construction

– Vibrant non-toxic dyes

– 100% food-grade BPA-free ABS plastic

– For ages 12 months and up

Benefits for Toddlers

Visual Stimulation

– Bright primary colors catch baby’s attention
– Spinning motion engages eyes/builds focus

Tactile Sensory Input

– Smooth spinning tops provide tactile input
– Suction cups make popping sounds when removed

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

– Reaching out to spin tops strengthens motor skills
– Hand manipulation required to push, pull, and spin

Imaginative Play

– Open-ended toy for pretend play scenarios
– Fun object for mimicking real-life activities

Independent Play

– Suction cups allow surface play anywhere
– Keeps toddler happily entertained on their own

Ideal For:

– Sensory stimulation
– Hand-eye coordination skills
– Independent toddler play
– Entertaining baby during daily tasks
– Bath toys and water play
– Birthday and holiday gifts

How to Use:

– Stick on high chair tray during meals
– Adhere to tub wall or shower door for baths
– Put on stroller for on-the-go entertainment
– Place on floor or furniture for crawling exploration
– Let toddler fidget while stuck in car seat
– Stick on window to engage toddler when running errands
– Put on refrigerator when parents are cooking
– Decorate bedroom wall for sleepy-time interest

The ALASOU 3-pack suction cup spinners provide endless sensory stimulation and skill-building play for toddlers. Give the gift of learning through fun with these engaging spinning top toys!


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