ALASOU 3-Pack Pop Up Suction Cup Spinner Toys – Spinning Tops for Toddlers Ages 1-3 – Bath and Sensory Toys for Early Development



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These colorful suction cup spinner toys from ALASOU are the perfect sensory and developmental toys for toddlers ages 1-3. With 3 spinners in bright primary colors, they provide engaging visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination practice to keep your little one entertained for hours!

The strong suction cups securely adhere to any smooth, flat surface – walls, mirrors, tables, high chair trays, and more. Just press and twist to firmly attach, then let your toddler explore spinning the tops with a simple push or pull of their hand. The spinners whirl and whirl with mesmerizing motion!

Not only is spinning these tops fun, it also promotes important developmental skills. Reaching out to activate the spinners helps build hand-eye coordination. Watching the spinning motion develops visual tracking skills. The various colors and shapes stimulate the senses.

These spinner toys are ideal for independent play. Stick one on the fridge, high chair, or bathroom wall so your toddler has an engaging activity while you’re cooking, eating, or bathing. The suction cups keep them firmly in place so they’re perfect for car rides or stroller walks too.

Bathtime is extra fun with these bath-safe suction cup spinners! Stick them on the shower wall or side of the tub for water play. The spinning tops with captivate your little one, making hair washing and bath time a breeze.

The plastic spinner tops are durable yet lightweight for small hands to manipulate. Each top measures approximately 3 inches wide and stands 2 inches tall when attached to a surface. They’re easy for tiny fingers to spin, pull, and push.

Made from food-grade, BPA-free ABS plastic, these spinners are totally safe for your child to explore with their hands and mouth. Vibrant colors are free from toxic dyes too.

For ages 12 months and up, these suction cup spinners make excellent toys for the following stages:

– Sensory Exploration: Bright colors, spinning motion, suction sounds, and more give babies a multi-sensory experience.

– Hand-Eye Coordination: Reaching out and spinning the tops builds visual tracking skills and dexterity.

– Independent Play: Keeps busy toddlers entertained while parents cook, clean, etc. Sticks to surfaces for play anywhere.

– Bath Toys: Stick on the tub wall or shower door for water fun and distraction during bath time.

The set includes three suction cup spinners in primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Each top has a different shape – triangle, square, and circle.

This engaging spindle toy set makes a wonderful gift for holidays and birthdays. Delight your toddler with these bright and stimulating suction cup spinners! With ALASOU’s quality guarantee, you can be confident these will provide hours and hours of developmental fun.

Product Details:

– Set includes 3 suction cup spinner tops in red, yellow, and blue

– Each top is a different shape – triangle, square, and circle

– Strong suction cups adhere firmly to smooth, flat surfaces

– Easy for little hands to spin, pull, push, and explore

– Lightweight plastic with smooth spinning action

– Promotes hand-eye coordination and sensory skills

– Perfect for independent play and keeping toddler entertained

– Safe, durable BPA-free plastic with non-toxic dyes

– For ages 12 months and up

– Bath-safe – great for water and shower play

– Dimensions – 3″ wide x 2″ tall


Sensory Stimulation

– Visually stimulating with bright colors
– Textures and spinning provide tactile input
– Suction cup makes popping sounds

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

– Reaching out and spinning tops strengthens motor skills
– Visual tracking of spinning motion improves focus

Supports Independent Play

– Adheres securely for babies to play on their own
– Entertains toddler while parent is occupied

Promotes Imaginative Play

– Open-ended toy children can explore creatively
– Fun accessory for pretend play scenes

Distraction for Daily Tasks

– Keeps toddler happily occupied in high chair, stroller, etc.
– Engaging bath toy makes hygiene routines easier

Ways to Play:

– Stick on high chair tray for mealtime entertainment
– Put spinners on fridge, crib, or window while mom cooks
– Bring in stroller or car for on-the-go play
– Adhere to bathroom wall, tub, or shower during bath time
– Place on floor and encourage crawling to reach the spinners
– Spin tops and talk about colors and shapes
– Make up games trying to spin all 3 tops at once

Brighten your toddler’s days with these delightful suction cup spinner toys from ALASOU! Their developing minds will be engaged and senses stimulated for hours of independent play.


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