4M Garden Stepping Stone Kit – DIY Cement Craft for Kids Ages 8-12



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Decorate a Sparkling Stepping Stone for Your Garden Path

The 4M Make Your Garden Stepping Stone Kit lets kids create a beautiful decorative garden stone to adorn your landscape. This complete arts and crafts set includes everything needed to make one 5.5 x 7.5 inch cement stepping stone. Budding artists will have a blast personalizing their stone with glitter, gems, shells and more!

Kids mix up the included concrete powder and water to form a smooth stone base. After letting the stone set up overnight, it’s ready for the best part – decoration and customization! Use the assortment of colorful gems, glitter glue and acrylic paints to bring the garden stone to life.

Add names, flowers, animals or abstract designs. Coat the entire top surface in glitter for a magical sparkling effect. Insert seashells, beads, game pieces or trinkets to make mosaic patterns and textures. The possibilities are endless for one-of-a-kind stepping stone creations kids will be proud to display.

Ideal Hands-On DIY Craft Kit

– Promotes creativity & imaginative decoration
– Teaches concrete casting skills
– Allows personal customization & experimentation
– Recycled plastic molds for easy shaping
– Includes 4 bright acrylic paints & 2 glitter glues
– Assortment of gems, beads & deco embellishments
– Makes a unique handmade keepsake for your garden
– Fun arts & crafts STEM activity for kids ages 8-12

Glows in the Moonlight for Extra Magic

This 4M stepping stone craft brings an added glow thanks to the included luminous paint. Just add the special glow-in-the-dark paint along the stone’s edges or designs. When the sun goes down, your decorative garden stone will sparkle under the stars!

Kids will love watching their handmade stone illuminate pathways and flowerbeds with a magical moonlit radiance. The luminous paint charges up in natural sunlight during the day, and releases a soft green glow at night. It’s a simple extra touch that makes this DIY stepping stone kit even more enchanting!

Craft Your Own Whimsical Garden Path

Keep the backyard fun going with multiple stepping stone kits! Let each family member decorate their own unique stone. Line them up to create a winding garden path or arrange them in mosaic patterns in flowerbeds.

Use them as accent pieces along with purchased stones. The DIY handmade stones will be conversation starters and let everyone express their artistic flair. Mix colors and shapes for a playful patchwork pavement that adds beauty and charm to your outdoor living space.

Spark Imagination with Hands-On Play

The 4M Make Your Garden Stepping Stone Kit sparks creativity, imagination and dexterity. Kids will absolutely love getting their hands dirty as they mix concrete and paint designs. Customizing their own unique stepping stone gives a great sense of ownership and achievement.

The multifaceted activity incorporates science and construction concepts in an approachable arts & craft format. Kids will be developing fine motor skills and problem solving the entire time without even realizing it! This interactive DIY set makes a wonderful STEM-based gift.

Quality Crafts Kids Will Treasure

For over 50 years, 4M has designed hands-on playsets that spark imagination and curiosity in STEAM fields. This stepping stone kit is made with safe, high-quality materials so kids can experiment freely. The chunky plastic mold provides easy releasing of the shaped concrete stone. Included paints and embellishments adhere readily to the cured concrete surface.

Kids will proudly display their DIY garden stepping stone for years to come. The keepsake stone can even be moved indoors as a lasting work of art! Let your budding artist or maker create a personalized garden focal point with this complete decorative stone craft kit from 4M.


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