4-in-1 Soil Tester for Moisture, pH, Light and Fertility





Get a complete picture of your soil’s health with this all-in-one 4-in-1 soil tester. With just one tool, you can easily measure moisture, pH, sunlight and fertility levels. Take the guesswork out of gardening and confidently monitor exactly what your plants need for optimal growth.

This upgraded soil meter is equipped with durable, high-quality stainless steel sensors that won’t fall off or corrode over time. The latest precise sensors provide quick, accurate readings you can rely on.

Knowing your soil’s pH and moisture enables you to maintain ideal growing conditions. Discover if your plants need more or less water and adjust acidity levels accordingly.

One Tool Provides In-Depth Soil Analysis

Trying to balance multiple separate soil testers is frustrating and inconvenient. This 4-in-1 meter eliminates the hassle by combining essential soil measurements into one easy-to-use device.

Stop wasting money on multiple tools when one tester does it all. Get a complete soil profile without all the added work.

Just insert the included probe into the ground to simultaneously check moisture content, pH balance, sunlight intensity and fertility levels.

Understand exactly what your yard, garden, lawn or indoor plants require for thriving growth with detailed data. This versatile tool takes the complexity out of soil testing.

Easy to Use Anywhere

Testing and interpreting your soil has never been simpler. Just secure the probe, remove the protective cover, and insert 3-5 inches into the ground. Wait 10 seconds for an instant, accurate reading.

The intuitive digital screen clearly displays numerical values for precise measurements. Rotate the display up to 45° to easily read results without bending over.

Since the 4-in-1 soil meter doesn’t require batteries, you can use it anywhere without the hassle of charging. Avoid harming plant roots by inserting the probe directly into soil beds and pots.

Quickly test moisture, acidity and fertility levels in your garden, yard, lawn, farm or indoor plants with no setup required. Detailed soil data is now effortlessly at your fingertips, both indoors and out.

Water and Feed Plants with Confidence

Take the guesswork out of gardening and grow healthier, more vibrant plants. By monitoring soil moisture, you’ll know exactly when to water to prevent under or overwatering.

The pH reading helps maintain optimal acidity levels for proper nutrient absorption. Easily determine if the soil is too acidic or alkaline and adjust as needed.

The sunlight sensor allows you to track light exposure and move plants if they’re getting too much or too little sun. Analyzing fertility indicates when it’s time to fertilize for a nutritional boost.

Make informed planting decisions based on real-time soil conditions instead of estimations. Take your gardening skills to the next level with this professional-grade tool.

Perfect for All Gardening Needs

This versatile 4-in-1 soil tester benefits all gardeners, from novice to expert. Get new gardens off to a great start by optimizing soil health from the beginning.

Troubleshoot underperforming plants by uncovering potential issues. Monitor soil changes throughout the seasons to adapt your care routine.

Use indoors and outdoors to test container gardens, flower beds, orchards, houseplants and more. Ideal for lawn care professionals to evaluate customer properties.

Gardening enthusiasts will love the insight into soil science and plant biology. Master the art of horticulture with in-depth data at your fingertips.

We Stand Behind Our Product

We want every gardener to be fully satisfied with this high-quality 4-in-1 soil meter. Our products are manufactured to the highest standard and rigorously tested for accuracy.

Should any issues arise, please contact us immediately and we will make it right. Enjoy using this soil tester to gain greater knowledge about your soil and elevate your gardening abilities.

Give your plants exactly what they need to reach their full potential with this all-in-one soil tester!


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